Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today was my first day with the new crew. I go in at 1 in the afternoon to workout with the trainers and people training for the Games. It is really cool so far and I like it a lot.

Strength: Max Push Jerk, Max Push Jerk(Behind head), Max Split Jerk.

Didn't feel too strong on the Jerks today. I still need to work on jumping under the bar a lot more. Rob has some drills for me to work on Friday to help that. Shoulders are pretty toasted.

(175, 175, 165)

WOD: As many rounds in 12 min:
10 Dumbell Snatch Right(40#)
10 Dumbell Snatch Left(40#)
20 Pullups

6 Rounds + 10 Snatch +10 Snatch


  1. nice Nick!

    anyone up there I should be worried about? ;)

  2. Thats sick! How do you compare to the other people that workout at that time? By the way, nice pic on the Norcal Blog!

  3. There is only one super crazy guy. his name is jon and he did the games last year. Guy is a monster...pretty sure he Push Jerked 275 today. There is only one other guy besides Robb and I and you got him Cj. the girls are freakin crazy tho