Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Level 2

I have not updated in a while so here we go.

Last Monday was level 2 testing. I passed but barely made 30 sec L-sit.

400 m run then
5 Rounds of:
9 Thrusters (95)
9 pullups

Time: 8:26 (harder than real fran)

10 overhead walking lunge (right then left) 40 pound DB
400m run
10 one arm snatch(right then left) 40 pound DB
400m run
20 jumping squats(45)
400m run
20 burpees
400m run

time: 9:40

3 rounds of:
3 cleans(135)
5 broad jumps(6 feet)
7 plyo pushups

rest 4 min then
5 rounds of:
5 cleans (135)
10 broad jumps (6 feet)
15 ringdips

time: 3:19, 5:51

Today's WOD:
AMARP in 10 min of: use 135
1 Snatch
2 Overhead squats
3 Clusters
4 Pushpress
50 foot sprint

3 1/2 rounds

Heavy. switched to 115 for overhead sqaut after round 1.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Catch Up

wolf gang puck level culinary skills

Yesterday: Fight Gone Bad Prep

round 1
sdhp (#75) 1 min
Pullups 1 min
run 200m

rest 2 min

round 2
box jumps 1 min
row for cals 1 min
run 200m

rest 2 min

round 3
push press (#75) 1 min
wallball 1 min
run 200m

This one seemed to be just as hard as the real fight gone bad. Those rounds could be in any order but that just happens to be the way I circuited around, ending on wallballs was not fun. The idea was to count your reps just as in the real FGB.



Press 3x5

amrap in 15 min of:
3 handstand pushups
5 pullups

It seems like Ive been doing a lot of handstand pushups lately (which is good cause it is one of my goats) and it feels like Im getting better. My hands ripped half way through so I did the rest of my KTE on high rings.

12 rounds

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


wackin and stackin

Stength: 3x5 Press

5 Rounds of:
3 strict pullups
4 deadlift 1.5 BW (#225)

This one felt really good but Im glad that there were not any more rounds after the 5th. I took my shoes off before the WOD and it seemed to make my handstand pushups significantly easiser. I broke up my sets on the HSPU in rounds 4 and 5, the rest was unbroken. Probably should have gone a little heavier on the deadlifts because it was a strength oriented workout.

Time: 4:05

31 Burpees for Vanessa's early Bday WOD: 1:10

Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day of Augest


500 m Row
40 Kettlebell Swings
30 Pullups
20 Thrusters(#95)
10 Burpees

This one was much tougher than I expected. I don't know if I just underestimated it or Im just not in good shape right now, probably a combination. My plan is to get a solid month of workouts in then start mixing in some of the strength classes Norcal has to offer.

Time: 8:31

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


arap in 20 min of:
2 muscle ups

4 hspu
8 kettlebell swings (2 pd)

This was a tough one. I got through my first 3 or 4 fairly quick. After that I had to start breaking up the handstand pushups which ended up taking a long time. Also starting breaking up my swings a little later in the workout. Im looking forward to doing this one again.

8 rounds +2 mu +4 hspu +3 swings

Monday, August 24, 2009

Snatching Helen

3 rounds:
400m run
12 hang snatch (75#)
12 pullups

Back up in Chico and training again, time to get back on the wagon with this blog. I liked this WOD a lot. By the third round my grip was going out and had to break up both the snatches and pullups.

Time: 9:06

p.s- working out in the heat sucks!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Days till Qualifiers


WOD: Row 500m @ 2:00 min pace
then 5-5-5 thruster at 95#

I t felt good to do a little something to get the blood flowing a little. All the work has been put in over the past few months and now all there is to do is rest, eat good, and do my best this weekend.