Wednesday, September 2, 2009


wackin and stackin

Stength: 3x5 Press

5 Rounds of:
3 strict pullups
4 deadlift 1.5 BW (#225)

This one felt really good but Im glad that there were not any more rounds after the 5th. I took my shoes off before the WOD and it seemed to make my handstand pushups significantly easiser. I broke up my sets on the HSPU in rounds 4 and 5, the rest was unbroken. Probably should have gone a little heavier on the deadlifts because it was a strength oriented workout.

Time: 4:05

31 Burpees for Vanessa's early Bday WOD: 1:10

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  1. Thats a sick pic! I need to get those pictures from you!