Sunday, January 25, 2009


Finally I am writing about fran, I had to wait to write about it so I wouldn't spoil the surprise. Huff gave me the option to do the "mysterious workout" on Thursda because it was my last day and I was the only one there in the morning. I was so pumped it was fran, i really wanted to do it because i have yet to do it yet. Thrusters 15-6 the first round, 5-5-5 the second round and 5-4 the last round. Pullups were unbroken the first round, 8-7 the second round and unbroken the third. Huff did a great job of coaching me and cheering me on. Great way to end my last workout at CRV for a while.

Time: 5:24


  1. You rocked it!!!!

  2. Nice job Nick!

    It was great having you down here pumping up the intensity in all the WODs. Keep it up!