Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snatch/Ring Dips

Bad pic but I wanted to put one up cause I dont do that as often as I used to. This is one one of my favorite meals that I usually have once a day. It is super easy to make. Cook the squash and yellow squash first(1 block of each), then add 1 cup tomato sauce and one 4 oz can of tuna. Add in some almonds and you have a tasty 4 block meal that is tasty and easy to make.

WOD: As Many Rounds in 10 min:
3 High Hang Power Snatch (#95)
3 Weighted Dips (#20)

This was an ass kicker. The weight was good for me because I could do everything unbroken but it was tough.

15 Rounds


  1. That looks like a great meal. Keep the meal posts coming! Looks like a cool WOD too. When are you coming home? Chumash on thursday?

  2. What do you call that tasty treat ?? Dad