Friday, March 27, 2009

"NorCal Crippler"

Strength: Snatch 4 doubles at 70%

WOD: 3o Back Squats #185 (R'xed is 225)
800m Run
100m Broad Jumps

This was definitely a crippler. I broke my back sqauts up in 14-4-3-6-3 with not much rest. Run felt ok once I started going and the broad jumps at the end finished me off. Found that taking slightly smaller jumps but link them together as opposed to going max length on jumps and losing momentum.

Time: 7:28


  1. Are you doing the Norcal Games next weekend? Did you ever have a chance to ask Rob about stevia?

  2. ya im doing the norcal games on the 11th. sounds like it should be super fun. i havnt asked him yet but thanks for reminding me ill ask him on wed for sure