Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Funday

Strength: work up to max Snatch then 1-1-1 at 85%

then 3 Rounds of Ring Work (1 muscle up, 3 dips, 3 iron crosses, 3 skin the cats)

WOD: 100 DU
50 Pullups
25 Burpees

Today was fun day for sure. Snatches I worked some progressions to get the movement down better and did not go for a max. Its feels better each time I work on it but it still needs a lot of improvement. One of the guys that works out with us is just an O-lifter and he is helping me out a lot and invited me to workout with him Tuesday and Thursday at Chico State to work on O-lifting stuff. The ring work was really fun, I can only do half iron crosses but hopefully someday I will be able to do a full one. WOD was ok but of coarse my DU took forever then I kinda was being a puss with the pullups and broke them up a lot. I was happy with the Burpees tho cause I cranked those out good.

Time: 6:20


  1. That looks like a sick WOD. Katie and I are going to an O-lift clinic at Crossfit Newport Beach on Saturday if you wanna go.

  2. I wanna see that iron cross this weekend