Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Updates

Over the weekend I did day 1 of the European Qualifiers. Those were good to get a taste of some of the workouts that could come my way.

WOD #1
Heavy Helen
3 Rounds of:
400 m Run
21 Kettlebell swings (2 pood)
12 ctb Pullups

Time: 11:22

WOD #2
Clean and Jerk (135)
Handstand Pushups


I felt like I learned a lot by doing these workouts. The main thing I learned was to pace myself. I go as fast as I can because I want to finish as fast as I can, but that usually does not work. While doing the handstands I didn't give myself enough reps between reps after I was fatigued which led to a bunch of failed reps. I need to give myself a little more rest, then there would be less failed rest that would save me time in the end.

Todays Workout
3 Snatch (115)
50m Shuttle Run
rest 1 min
5 Rounds

Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1

We are taking it easy this week because they want to do a mini taper for the event we have this weekend. So this WOD was pretty easy, I don't remember my time but it was all unbroken.

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