Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Ready


Today we played around with the Rx'ed weight for the qualifiers this weekend. I was kinda worried that the 185 clean might give me problems but today I was able to do did them well enough to get the minimum of ten reps. The other workout has the 165 jerk which I worked on today and felt strong. I know those are goiong to be killer though after the row/burpee. So I sent my email in to the event and I am doing both workouts as Rx.

400m run 20 pull ups
500m row 15 pull ups
rest 5 minutes

repeat… but the second round needs to be AT LEAST 2 minutes slower than the first round.

Time: ?


  1. That looks scary Nick, I'm glad you guys are ok. Looking forward to cheering you on this weekend!!

  2. Nick, I'm glad you both weren't hurt. See you Friday!!!